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I’m pleased to announce the LRRP Legacy Photo viewing site. Within this site, several different digital Photo Albums have been created for you to view and download pictures from. The following are titles of albums you can view:

  • Team
  • Individuals
  • Company Area
  • Ceremonies
  • Group (more than one person in pic)
  • VN Combat Support
  • Documents You will be able to access this photo viewing site by clicking on this link (the yellow box with “LRRP Legacy” in it).

    The original intention of this project was to gather and record the photos of the extraordinary men who served with the LRRPs/Rangers of the First Cavalry Division in Viet Nam. Eventually, we would like to see at least one photo of each of these dedicated men, for them, for those who served with them and for all of their families both present and future.

    Many members have contributed their personal photographs to make this collection possible and we’re grateful to them. We have done our best to identify the people, time and place wherever possible and now, we need your help. We need you to help identify men, FSBs, team numbers or any other details that are missing.

    These photos have been numbered and catalogued by the “LRRP Administrator” (a friend of mine) and it is through the LRRP Administrator that we will continually update the photos and add more to the site.

    When you view a photo that you can help us with, we’ll need you to email the Administrator with the photo’s number and the new information. Email the LRRP Administrator at:

    If you have photos you’d like to share, you can submit them two ways:
  • Send me the originals and they’ll be returned as soon as possible in the same condition
  • Scan your photos individually and email them as JPEGs, with all pertinent info to me

    Help us build a lasting legacy of our unit, for our guys, our families and our generations to come.

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